Recent Before & After Photos

Tarp Offs

Have a roof leak? Can't get a roofer there in time to fix it? Need a temporary solution? Well, we here at SERVPRO of Benicia/Martinez/SE Vallejo have one for yo... READ MORE

Flooded Basement

The customer for this job came home from vacation only to discover that her basement was completely flooded with 2 inches of rain water. Notice all of the water... READ MORE

City Of Vallejo

This was a job we were hired to do by the city of Vallejo. An oil spill caused this mess in the parking lot of one of their parks. You can't tell from the befor... READ MORE

We Are There For The Unexpected

An unexpected sewage leak overflowed in this backyard leaving a trail of smelly sewage muck all along the walkway. The tenants didn’t know how to get that... READ MORE

Here to Help Each and Every One of You

During the rainy season, the inside of this home suffered water damage due to a leak coming from the roof. The roof needed to be repaired in order to stop the l... READ MORE

Here to help our Neighbors

When it comes to our local neighbors, we here at SERVPRO of Benicia/Martinez/Southeast Vallejo want to make sure they are well taken care of whether it is their... READ MORE

We put the PRO in SERVPRO

When you have an unexpected flood with standing water throughout the floor, it can be very tricky to get that water out of there, especially carpet floor. First... READ MORE

24-Hour Emergency Service

It was a calm Sunday afternoon when out of nowhere a car drove into this elderly customer's living room. Luckily, no one was hurt but the customers needed their... READ MORE

We are There When you Need us

We all wish that we could handle each and every thing that comes our way. But the reality is, sometimes it's too much of a "mess" to handle on your own. In this... READ MORE

Another Leak

There was a leak coming from the ceiling of this classroom. Luckily, they caught it before any major damage occurred. As you can see in the before photo, there ... READ MORE