Recent Before & After Photos

Another Leak

There was a leak coming from the ceiling of this classroom. Luckily, they caught it before any major damage occurred. As you can see in the ... READ MORE

Homes left in Need

After the wildfires we have had these past years, it's left many homes that survived in need. Some needed to be cleaned outside only due to fire ... READ MORE

Low and Behold..There was Mold

We came into this home to do some water restoration services for the home owners. Standard procedure for water restoration is to tear out the bas... READ MORE

Just a "Little" Leak

This home had a downstairs unit that was flooded due to a leak coming from the upstairs unit. The leak caused the entire downstairs unit to flood. The upstairs ... READ MORE

Mold Containment

It is important to contain mold as soon as it is discovered. Containing mold, helps stop the mold spores from spreading more on the surface it is... READ MORE

Cleaned Cabinets

After the fire in this home, the home owner did not want to part with her cabinets in the kitchen. In the before photo you can see that the smoke and soot from ... READ MORE

Home Office in Martinez , CA

Martinez suffered great water loss after a heavy rain storm last Winter. This rain storm caused flooding on the streets and unfortunately, some homes and b... READ MORE

Putting out the Wildfire

When putting out a wildfire, one thing fireman most commonly use is fire retardant. This is a substance that is used to help slow down or stop the wildfire from... READ MORE

Smoke Sealing

When a fire occurs, whatever does not burn is left with smoke and soot damage. For example, in the before photo, the front porch of this home survived the flame... READ MORE

Napa Wildfire Aftermath

The Napa Fires that most of you may remember , was a big one. The fire burned so much land, businesses, and homes. Some structures survived with just littl... READ MORE