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Fire season- The supply chain could be affected

6/28/2022 (Permalink)

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Supply chain disruptions can occur, especially if wildfires burn across highways and roads or approach large population centers. Wildfires can also lead to evacuations, road closures and ground transport diversions. Disruptions to arterial roads and the scarcity of alternative routes in some areas means that significant transport disruptions will increase. Roads in remote regions are likely also to be disrupted for longer periods than urban roads due to their relative inaccessibility.

Low visibility from smoke and possible ashfall could contribute to traffic delays and congestion and prompt short-notice flight disruptions if wildfires occur near airports. Railways can also experience occasional cancellation of services and long delays.

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Commercial- Fire safety

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 Clean up your act

 Business fires can result from a number of things, including the accumulation of combustible clutter and hazardous chemicals like oil and paint thinner. Keep combustibles and hazardous materials out of your business by doing regular cleanups before accidents happen.

 Keep an eye on areas that could produce a fire hazard, such as storing flammable chemicals in hot areas like the kitchen or near other flammable objects, like paper towels.

 Keep combustible materials at least 18 inches away from heat sources like stoves.

 When using harmful chemicals, be sure to wear gloves and a lab coat that is free of holes or tears.

 Rebound with proper fire safety practices.

 After refurbishing, go over the following fire safety tips to ensure continued protection for your employees and building:

 Keep your eyes peeled for faulty electrical wiring, which is a common cause of office fires.

 Install fire sprinkler systems to cover entire floors in case of fires.

 Make sure your employees know where the exit routes are and have regular fire drills for employees to practice evacuating.

Know who to call for clean up if a fire does happen.  SERVPRO of Benicia/ Martinez/ Southeast Vallejo is here to help. 925/372-7234

Once you’ve had a fire

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After a house fire is put out, the smoke has cleared, the fire department is gone, you are left with a disaster on your hands. In the aftermath of a fire–no matter how big or small–it’s imperative to know what to do and what to avoid doing.

In the first few hours and days after a fire, your home will likely suffer from extensive fire and smoke damage, as well as water damage. During this time, it’s best to hire a professional restoration company to thoroughly handle the restoration process. You certainly don’t want to cause further damage or worsen the already-devastating situation! SERVPRO can assist with restoring salvageable damaged possessions and getting your property back to preloss condition. “Like it never even happened” is not just a slogan it’s what we do. Give us a call at 925-372-7234 today.

Water Damage

6/27/2022 (Permalink)

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Shut off the water.

A burst pipe will send water flooding into your home. Locate the main water supply and shut it off to stop the flow of water, preventing additional damage. Leave the faucets on to fully drain the pipe and relieve any remaining pressure, and flush all toilets. Depending on where the leak is, you may also need to shut off the electricity.

Repair the pipe.

Call a plumber to make sure the pipe is repaired quickly and correctly. Attempting to repair the pipe yourself may cause further damage, so it’s best to rely on the experts.

Get rid of the water.

The longer water stays in your home, the more potential there is for damage. Remove as much standing water as possible with a wet/dry vacuum, move waterlogged items to a warm, dry place, and set up fans or a dehumidifier in the area. Make sure the entire area is fully dry to avoid future issues with mold and mildew. For professional help, call SERVPRO of Benicia/ Martinez/ Southeast Vallejo 925/372-7234

I.I.C.R.C. Certification

6/27/2022 (Permalink)

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I.I.C.R.C. Certification

A quality restoration company will have I.I.C.R.C. Certified Technicians. By using a certified technician or certified firm, you know you are hiring a company that has invested the time, effort and money to have their personnel trained in properly remediating your loss. Ask to see a restoration professional’s I.I.C.R.C. card. The I.I.C.R.C. organization writes the restoration industry standards on proper procedures needed to clean up and repair water damages, fire/smoke losses, mold clean-up, sewage clean-up, carpet cleaning and much more.

Upon successful completion of the course and written exams, the technician will be issued a card to carry with him indicating he is I.I.C.R.C. certified. To maintain these certifications, employees must attend continuing education programs to keep them up-to-date on the newest technological advances in the industry.

SERVPRO of Benicia/ Martinez/ Southeast Vallejo is a certified firm and we employ certified technicians.

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Fire season- What to expect this year.

6/22/2022 (Permalink)

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 Wildfires can result in loss of life or impact public health, cause environmental, property and infrastructure damage, as well as effect economic losses. Besides increasing air pollution, smoke from wildfires can hurt the eyes, irritate the respiratory system, and worsen chronic heart and lung diseases. Smoke may also worsen symptoms for people with pre-existing respiratory or heart conditions. People and wildlife may also suffer burns and trauma.

Increased soil erosion is likely across burn scars during bouts of rainfall due to loosened soil and loss of vegetation. Power outages are possible in places due to damaged substations and transmission lines. Intentional power cuts may also be necessary to prevent infrastructure damage or help in preventing the spread of fires.

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Commercial Water Damage

6/22/2022 (Permalink)

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What to do if your business has a water damage:

 Identify the source of water damage. Water leaks and intrusions can happen in many places. Some common areas to check are pipes or holes in your roof or walls. You can also work with a local plumber to help identify the source.

 If necessary, shut off the water main. If you have a leaking or burst pipe, shut off the water main to prevent more damage.

Immediately contact your insurance company.

Notify your insurance company about the water damage as soon as possible. It’s a good idea to also document the damage with photos.

Find a restoration team. You can work with your insurer to find a company specializing in commercial water damage repair. If there’s extensive damage, there may be an emergency service for water extraction or mold remediation available for your business.

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Fire- At home tips

6/22/2022 (Permalink)

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Just a couple quick things that could really help in preventing a house fire

 Install smoke alarms on every floor of the house and in every bedroom. Test the alarms at least once a month and change the batteries as needed.

Have an approved and functional fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

Have a plan of evacuation and teach kids what to do if there is a fire. Have backup plans in case the fire blocks the primary route or exit.

Practice fire drills periodically with the whole family.

 The best way to avoid a fire in the home is to take action towards preventing one. Follow the prevention measures mentioned above. The next best thing to do is to be prepared if there is a fire in the home. Having a plan and practicing that plan can keep your family safe during a fire situation. These safety measures may save your life or one of your family members in the future.

Common causes of water damage

6/11/2022 (Permalink)

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Leaks in the Plumbing Systems

A leak at any point in the plumbing system is the commonest cause of water damage. It is common for leaks to occur when pipes rust resulting in corrosion. Other causes of water leaks include high water pressures, weak pipe joints, extreme temperatures, and broken water connectors. Your system could have been subject to natural disasters. Plumbing issues should be taken care of right away.

Clogged Gutters

The most typical culprits that clog include tree leaves, weeds, ice, and sludge. Most people are not keen on cleaning their gutters, and therefore dirt accumulates and clogs the drains.

When the gutters clog, water pools in the area of blockage, and the excess water starts to overflow near the structures of the house, damaging them. This water may also collect in the basement of your home with mold proliferation and a nasty stench.

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Smoke & Soot

6/10/2022 (Permalink)

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Property damage caused by fire may be more extensive than it seems, as smoke and soot spread around the premises settling on surfaces that weren’t even affected by a fire. The negative effects of smoke and soot get worse every hour after the firefighters put out the fire; in several weeks, some of them are already irreversible. This is why delaying with fire damage restoration substantially drives its costs.  

Keep in mind that trying to clean up the fire damage on your own to save precious time is not a good idea either. Entering the affected structures without specialized protective equipment may be dangerous. Moreover, wiping or cleaning residues you can smear them, so you will make matters worse.

 It’s best to call the professionals if you find yourself in this position the ones to call hands down are SERVPRO of Benicia/ Martinez/ Southeast Vallejo at 925/372-7234 at your service all day every day!